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History of Honey as Medicine

Why is it referred to as an alternative treatment?

Although honey is enjoying a growing reputation in medical circles, in current times it is still considered an 'alternative remedy'.

But for thousands of years it has actually been used as a 'conventional' choice.

The Greeks, Egyptians, and other cultures made use of honey as a medicine throughout history. It is one of the oldest known medicines and has continued being used up to present times.

Famous ancient physicians who used honey include Aristotle (384-322 BC), who mentions pale honey "good as a salve for sore eyes and wounds", and Dioscorides (c.50 AD) who mentions it for ulcers.

The healing properties of honey are even mentioned in many religious texts, including the Bible, Veda, and Koran.

Now in recent years, modern science has started to confirm honey's place in healing, and explain how it works through the chemical makeup of honey. This has also led to proper clinical studies of some types of honey, and in particular New Zealand's active manuka honey.


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